Central Utah Water Symposium

May 14, 2018

The second annual Central Utah Water Symposium brought together people from the water arena to openly discuss difficult challenges that we are facing. This year the Symposium discussed climate variability and what is means for Utah’s water future. Speakers ranged from academia, industry and consultants. But the take home message was the same for all speakers, Utah’s climate has and is changing. It is the job of water managers, to not only deal with this year’s water availability but to look 50 years into the future to provide for our children and grandchildren.

A brief overview of topics are as follows:

  • Rob Gillies, USU: Recent Changes in North American Winter Climate Regime and the Impact on the West. View the presentation here.

  • Armin Munevar, Jacobs: Incorporating Climate Information in Water Planning. View the presentation here.

  • Courtney Flint, USU: Navigating Varying Perspectives on Climate Change and Water in Utah. View the presentation here.

  • Court Strong, U of U: Water Supply Verses Demand in Utah's Future. View the presentation here.

  • Darren Hess, WBWCD: Supplying Water Demands with a Changing Climate. View the presentation here.

  • Cort Lambson, CUWCD: Planning for Variability in the Bonneville Unit's Water Supply. View the presentation here.

  • Brian McInerney, NSW, also presented.